[SATLUG] Lib's, Lib's and more Lib's

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Tue Jan 22 09:59:09 CST 2013

Nathan Oxhandler wrote:
> I was looking in the Debian Package Manager at the Libraries section.
> Doing a quick count I came up with about 2,900 of them. Yes, I know
> that not all of them are part of every installation, but I have
> probably 300 of them installed.
> Windows has many .dll packages. On my Windows 7 machine I have over
> 10,700 of them on the disk.
> I do not have a MAC so I do not know what they have.
> Has there ever been a group that has looked at all the different .lib
> packages to see if there are two or more .lib's doing the same thing
> or very close to the same thing?
> How much memory and disk space could we save if we just cut the
> number of .lib's by 10% to 15%?

By .lib, I suppose you mean .so (shared objects).  Each package 
specifies the libraries that it needs.  There really isn't a way to just 
remove a library without removing the dependent program.

> How much faster would Linux run if it did not have to jump from .lib
> to .lib?

Probably not at all unless you get into swap.

> How much time could we save doing 'Up Dates'?

You don't have to update.  I rarely do.

   -- Bruce

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