[SATLUG] Lib's, Lib's and more Lib's

Nathan Templeton pb280c at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 22 10:07:53 CST 2013

On 01/22/2013 09:28 AM, Nathan Oxhandler wrote:
> I was looking in the Debian Package Manager at the Libraries section. Doing a quick count I came up with about 2,900 of them. Yes, I know that not all of them are part of every installation, but I have probably 300 of them installed.
> Windows has many .dll packages. On my Windows 7 machine I have over 10,700 of them on the disk.
> I do not have a MAC so I do not know what they have.
> Has there ever been a group that has looked at all the different .lib packages to see if there are two or more .lib's doing the same thing or very close to the same thing?
> How much memory and disk space could we save if we just cut the number of .lib's by 10% to 15%?
> How much faster would Linux run if it did not have to jump from .lib to .lib?
> How much time could we save doing 'Up Dates'?
> Nathan
Hi Nathan,

  While I do not know if there is a "group" persay that is charged with 
finding lib reduncanies. I do know of a few distrobutions that are 
working on sliming the number down too 1. Cut boot times and 2. Ram foot 

     www.crunchbanglinux.org ( My main distro) On the Waldorf, which is 
based on testing. There are some that have succeeded in boot times under 
15 seconds and ram foot prints under 100megs. Most are hardcore tweakers 
and programmers.

  Also www.linuxbbq.org is based on Debian Testing and is focused on 
"roasting" your own custom distro. I currently have kielbasa installed 
on my thinkpad T42. Boot time is around 15-20 seconds and with iceweasl, 
icedove and pidgin open I use around 230gigs of ram. I would like to get 
it down further, but have not had the time to tinker with it.

  Sorry for the long reply, hope it helps :)


New Transplant from Travis AFB, CA. Looking forward to the meeting in 
FEB. :)

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