[SATLUG] Lib's, Lib's and more Lib's

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Tue Jan 22 10:44:19 CST 2013

Nathan Templeton wrote:

>   While I do not know if there is a "group" persay that is charged with
> finding lib reduncanies. I do know of a few distrobutions that are
> working on sliming the number down too 1. Cut boot times and 2. Ram foot
> prints.
>      www.crunchbanglinux.org ( My main distro) On the Waldorf, which is
> based on testing. There are some that have succeeded in boot times under
> 15 seconds and ram foot prints under 100megs. Most are hardcore tweakers
> and programmers.

Most of the time used in booting has to do with the fact that most 
distros include hundreds (thousands?) of kernel modules.  My boot time 
with LFS is typically about 8 seconds.

   -- Bruce

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