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Thanks fellows for the pointers given. I am neck deep in absorbing this. To update I have read the logs, intriguing plot, boring characters is my conclusion. I found nothing wrong or that I could discern.
Since I was booted from the internal sda HD & the drive that lit up is a portable USB HD & because the wire cable was found to be arcing from a break in the cable causing the KB to malfunction bring me to the conclusion that the KB caused the windows to pop open & shut. I can find nothing wrong with my working OS (took a bit of tweaking to get the 12.04 LTS Mint-mate configured/set to please me) I will wait until the replacement dvd drive arrives before I access the USB HD just in case.
I had to laugh, because I have never compiled a program I am nervous, but I am backed up on 2 HDs so I am not gonna lose data. I read all I could stand on the tools rkhunter, ckrootkit & other tools so I decided rkhunter seemed a choice to begin with, I DLed, extracted the tar all went well but make returned a statement:  [[ "make: *** No rule to make target `sense' ]].   I had to go ask google (no joy),  I am reviewing what I read & trying to figure out why make did not work, also I want to get these tools working on my system. Although I am convinced my scare was mechanical I know a hack can occur at anytime, so many mean people loose among us. If someone can shed light of what to do with the make prob I would appreciate it much.
Thanks again I will let ya know what I find when new dvd is working.
On Thursday, January 24, 2013 21:41, "Jesse C" <jc78244 at gmail.com> said:

> Rkhunter and chkrootkit may be helpful in seeing what known backdoors have
> been installed.  Debsums may be useful in checking what files have been
> modified, but will also report files that you have modified yourself such
> as config files.
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