[SATLUG] kvm pci passthrough

Todd W. Bucy todd at bucy-medrano.me
Thu Jan 31 17:34:10 CST 2013

wow I've been searching for that Holy Grail for about 3 years now.  any
chance on you posting a tutorial?
On Jan 29, 2013 2:59 PM, "Mark Mayfield" <mayfield_mark at gvtc.com> wrote:

> Something happened with my email and I had had to transfer my satlug
> account to a different address.
> Anyway I had a very productive experience with kvm recently. I was using
> xen for a while but I stumbled onto spice and have been loving it. Libvirt,
> spice and pulseaudio work well together without a fight, unlike vnc. The
> video driver for spice, qxl is way better than cirrus and the other video
> drivers. The spice vdagent provides copy and paste ability between the host
> and guest. These improvements make it much more usable for day to day
> desktop virtualization.
> Having finally gotten the video card I've been needing to complete my
> gaming virtual machine project that's been in the works for about a year, I
> decided to give kvm a shot instead of xen. After stumbling upon an option I
> had to pass to the kvm module I successfully passed a Radeon HD 6850 to a
> Windows 8 virtual machine. After getting the video card installed, running
> the windows experience tool and installing game I was a little
> disappointed. I did achieve a 5.9 rating but the game movement was less
> than ideal. After some tinkering I figured out that the virtual keyboard
> and mouse couldn't keep up with the game. I managed to pass through a usb
> controller and use a dedicated keyboard and mouse for the virtual.
> The virtual machine runs Halo, Assassins Creed 2, Crysis and Skyrim
> (medium settings). The only real glitch is that I have to reboot the host
> to reboot the guest. If I try to reboot the guest without rebooting the
> host the guest crashes.
> I will post a screenshot of the virtual machine later.
> FYI for performance I'm using a raw disk image with no cache, virtio
> storage and network drivers, hugepages and elevator=noop.
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