[SATLUG] screen recording tool

Borries Demeler demeler at biochem.uthscsa.edu
Wed Jul 17 15:30:22 CDT 2013

Does anybody have any experience with using screen recording tools in
Linux that can produce videos that can be uploaded to youtube or some
other website in a generic video format? I want to create a series of
instructional videos for our software. I have done this in the past by
recording a statically sized VNC window big enough to capture the whole
screen (and rather large/complex GUI elements) and converting the captured
vnc session into a flash movie.

The problem with this approach is that some screens and apps are so large
that I need to make a very big vnc window (and hence a large sized video
format) in order to capture the entire application. On youtube I have
seen recordings where preset (smaller) sized screen segments follow the
mouse, so that preset sized screen segment is not too large for small
screens, but still everything is shown at high resolution, even if the
entire screen can not be seen. I also need the ability to record sound
and multiplex that with my screen video recording, it would be best if
the recording can do this simultaneously.

If you can offer a recommendation based on prior experience for something
that is stable and has the needed features that would be great!  An open
source solution I can compile without an endless list of dependencies 
under a recent version of Slackware would be preferred.

Thanks for any tips!


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