[SATLUG] screen recording tool

Don Davis dondavis at reglue.org
Wed Jul 17 15:40:02 CDT 2013

I was not (very) lucky with the top GNU/Linux candidates that people
most frequently mention e.g. recordmydesktop, Istanbul, etc. They
provided basic functionality but flaked out a bit.

As far as making instructional videos with a screen capture tool in
Linux - I had the most luck with 'Wink' - it's free but not open source.
It makes editing and adding extras (e.g. arrows, stickies, etc.) quite easy.


Most screen capture recommendations I saw with a quick Google search
were pretty basic. This one had Wink and some I hadn't seen before - so
it might be worthwhile:

On 07/17/2013 03:30 PM, Borries Demeler wrote:
> Does anybody have any experience with using screen recording tools in
> Linux that can produce videos that can be uploaded to youtube or some
> other website in a generic video format? I want to create a series of
> instructional videos for our software. I have done this in the past by
> recording a statically sized VNC window big enough to capture the whole
> screen (and rather large/complex GUI elements) and converting the captured
> vnc session into a flash movie.
> The problem with this approach is that some screens and apps are so large
> that I need to make a very big vnc window (and hence a large sized video
> format) in order to capture the entire application. On youtube I have
> seen recordings where preset (smaller) sized screen segments follow the
> mouse, so that preset sized screen segment is not too large for small
> screens, but still everything is shown at high resolution, even if the
> entire screen can not be seen. I also need the ability to record sound
> and multiplex that with my screen video recording, it would be best if
> the recording can do this simultaneously.
> If you can offer a recommendation based on prior experience for something
> that is stable and has the needed features that would be great!  An open
> source solution I can compile without an endless list of dependencies 
> under a recent version of Slackware would be preferred.
> Thanks for any tips!
> -borries

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