Don Davis dondavis at reglue.org
Thu Jul 25 20:02:43 CDT 2013

With all those input options, the monitor doesn't have headphone in or
RCA in? A headphone to RCA Y adapter costs about $3-$5 at Radio Shack.

On 07/25/2013 07:54 PM, Michael wrote:
> I have an old XP/Mint tower (love MINT)  that works great for what I
> need.  I just got a new monitor/TV with more input/output options that I
> have ever seen before.  I am using it solely for the purpose of a
> computer monitor.  I would like to get sound to come out of the monitor
> instead of my $10 speakers.  Not that the sound coming from the $10
> speakers is bad, but they take up space on my desk. 
>>From what I have Googled, I am under the impression that I can not get
> sound directly from my current sound card into the monitor.  I saw a
> couple of different (convoluted) setups involving multiple adapters.  It
> appears that to get sound directly from my computer to the monitor, I
> need to purchase a new audio? video? card with an HDMI plug. 
> 1)  Is the presumption that I need to purchase a new card correct?
> 2)  Any suggestions for (cheap version) of such fore mentioned card? 
> Thanks!
> Michael

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