[SATLUG] Some new Linux projects and contributions

Dave Bechtel kingneutron at inbox.com
Sat Mar 16 14:58:22 CDT 2013

1. I have a Cubieboard (similar to Raspberry Pi - ARM based, but better hardware specs) that is now functioning as the primary Squid server for my home.  Replaces a 2.4GHz P4 (to save on electricity, so it can run 24x7.)  The board has a SATA port and is running the Squid cache off a 30GB SSD disk. :)

I'm about 85-90% expert on Squid, so if anyone wants help implementing something like this, feel free to let me know - I also have Vmware-based Squid appliances available.

More info on the Cubieboard:

Cubieboard is a low cost high performance ARM board, featuring the following:

    1G ARM cortex-A8 processor, NEON, VFPv3, 256KB L2 cache
    Mali400, OpenGL ES GPU
    1GB DDR3 RAM @480MHz
    HDMI 1080p Output
    10/100M Ethernet
    4GB Nand Flash
    2 USB Host, 1 micro SD slot, 1 SATA, 1 IR
    96 extend pin including I2C, SPI, RGB/LVDS, CSI/TS, FM-IN, ADC, CVBS, VGA, SPDIF-OUT, R-TP..
    Running Android, Ubuntu and other Linux distributions



2. I have a portable Linux-based PXE server (with its own Squid and DHCP server + Gig Ethernet) that can be used for Linux installs.  I can make this available to the LUG if needed; currently it serves Knoppix 32- and 64-bit, System Rescue CD 32/64, Centos 6.x, Debian, and a couple of other things IIRC.  If I can get Freebsd 9.x on there as well, that would be a fun project. :-)  If anyone wants to borrow my PXE box, or has other ideas/HOWTO's on getting other OSes functional on it, let me know.

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