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Jason Mann ron.j.mann at gmail.com
Fri May 3 14:29:10 CDT 2013

Vpn sound like the best solution given the available information.  I say
this because there was no mention of encyption, access method, etc. Plus, a
vpn would help to protect their network vice a firewall configuration based
upon ip addresses alone. I hope that your client removes the unused
On May 3, 2013 2:21 PM, "Mike Wallace" <m.a.wallace at gmail.com> wrote:

> This isn't a Linux question per se, but I thought that perhaps someone else
> here has encountered a situation similar to what I'm facing. I work with a
> client who has a very strict firewall policy and my public IP address is
> specifically included in the firewall rules. This is fine until my IP
> address updates, and I am locked out until I contact my client and have him
> update the firewall. When my IP resets, I get seemingly random address from
> the 68.x.x.x or 69.x.x.x networks. My client doesn't want to create
> exemptions for such large address ranges. The best solution would be for my
> client to set up VPN access, but is there anything that I can do on my end
> to get a static IP set up without having to pay an unworldly charge to
> AT&T?
> Buying a static IP from AT&T is ungodly expensive -- more than double my
> current monthly payment -- so that's out. I've heard that U-verse IPs
> change rarely, but U-verse is not available in my neighborhood, which is
> weird since I am well inside San Antonio. The idiots working the phones at
> AT&T can't answer any questions outside of whatever they read "answers" out
> of. I couldn't even get a straight answer to basic questions like "you're
> quoting me the price of ONE static IP address, not a block of 8 or 16,
> right?" For the record, I called on different occasions and got the same
> "answers" no matter who I talked to.
> Anyway, as I said, the obvious solution is for my client to set up VPN
> access. In lieu of that, is there anything that I can do to circumvent AT&T
> to get a static IP? I'd even take a dynamic IP address if it only updated a
> couple times a month instead of a couple times a week. I don't mind paying
> a little a month for a static IP, but not the unreasonable AT&T price.
> Ideas?
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