[SATLUG] Meetings, Computer Show

Nathan Oxhandler nathan at gvtc.com
Sat May 4 16:52:16 CDT 2013

May 9: 

"3D Printing: A FDM centric survey" 
This presentation will look at the general 3d DIY / hobby scene 
including general hardware/software/consumer-ware areas/issues. 
The general focus will be centered around things involved/used 
in the fused deposition method (FDM) of 3d printing. 
No prior knowledge of "3d printing" is required. 

May 11: 

Computer Show Live Oak Civic Center. We will have one table like last time. If you have done anything on our Calendar Program and would like to show it off, please bring it along. We have to be setup and running by 9 AM . The show runs until 5 PM. 

June 12: 

Our next session of our Calendar Program. There is a chance I will not be in town that day so some one may have to head up the meeting. 


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