[SATLUG] Help with FIND & AWK commands

Craig sargonemail at gmail.com
Thu May 9 06:45:52 CDT 2013

> In [SATLUG] Help with FIND & AWK commands John-Eric on Tue May 7 00:20:42
> CDT 2013 wrote:
 Giving pseudo-code, as this looks like a potential student class

> Using grep allows me to search for files using the modified date, time,
> size, name, or some combination.
> Issues:
> #1 I'm not interested in any hidden files but they are still included in
> the find results.
>     The two .mediaartlocal files should not be included.
>     I thought (find . -type f -not -name ".*" ) would exclude hidden
> files
 in awk, break the print into two parts, in one part check for name starting
 with the dot; in the other part do the standard print stuff.

> #2 Is there a better way to print from the 8th token to the end of the
> line?
>     Some classical music files can have very long names.
> "$8-" works for most languages I've used, but evidently, not for bash.
 Substitue awk number of fields for "end of line" and apply appropriate
 programming construct(s) as needed to print from $8 to NF.


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