[SATLUG] Tonights meeting

Don Wright satlug at wricomp.org
Thu May 9 18:10:09 CDT 2013

Christopher Lemire wrote:
>Hello all, I've called VIA, and their buses do not go to Rackspace
>because it's not in San Antonio.

The object you spoke with is ignorant at best. (Next time ask for 5000
Walzem Rd.) VIA provides the #8 bus between Tong's Thai restaurant and
Walzem at Mordred across from Roosevelt High School. There's a fairly
long walk to the new entrance on the IHOP/Firestone side of Rackspace,
though. If you can't get to the #8 easily, getting to Randolph Park &
Ride gives you a choice of the 8, 630, or 632 bus routes to the same

transit.google.com usually works OK for me. I have other commitments or
that's how I'd get there tonight.  --Don

Be well - or at least have interesting symptoms!

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