[SATLUG] NAS HD recommendation

Alex Bartonek bartonekdragracing at yahoo.com
Wed May 22 20:53:31 CDT 2013

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> Myself, I have a Drobo at home, and although it hasn't
> failed on me (yet), I have had a couple of failed disks, and
> I know something about the kind of shitty tricks they're
> doing under the covers to lie to the operating system about
> what is actually on the filesystem.  IMO, that's a
> disaster waiting to happen.
> So, I will be real interested to hear about your experience
> with FreeNAS and ZFS.

I run ZFS at work and on one of my "junk servers", but have never really used FreeNAS other than a quick setup to test my NFS issues I was having a while back.  I'll install it and test it out to see how it goes.   I'll probably do it in VirtualBox as a testbed and see if I can corrupt a virtual disk to see how data recovery goes before my drives get here.

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