[SATLUG] NAS HD recommendation

Todd W. Bucy todd at bucy-medrano.me
Wed May 22 21:29:10 CDT 2013

Your gonna hate the performance on virtualbox, I was never able to get it
to run under kvm, the latest freenas doesn't have the virto drivers.  That
said it does just all storage standards and loves real hardware. I'm
currently using a freenas box for iscsi shared storage on my kvm cluster at

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> > Myself, I have a Drobo at home, and although it hasn't
> > failed on me (yet), I have had a couple of failed disks, and
> > I know something about the kind of shitty tricks they're
> > doing under the covers to lie to the operating system about
> > what is actually on the filesystem.  IMO, that's a
> > disaster waiting to happen.
> >
> > So, I will be real interested to hear about your experience
> > with FreeNAS and ZFS.
> I run ZFS at work and on one of my "junk servers", but have never really
> used FreeNAS other than a quick setup to test my NFS issues I was having a
> while back.  I'll install it and test it out to see how it goes.   I'll
> probably do it in VirtualBox as a testbed and see if I can corrupt a
> virtual disk to see how data recovery goes before my drives get here.
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