[SATLUG] Are you a distro hopper?

Don Davis dondavis at reglue.org
Mon Nov 11 07:03:06 CST 2013

That's an interesting question. Reading posts and whatnot one could be
led to believe that there a large numbers of users who switch distros

I started with Ubuntu. I tried out a lot of distros for short periods. I
switched to Debian and have used Debian consistently these last several
years. I do use Ubuntu on one laptop because it was easier to set up the
video for a TV. I tried out various distros on said laptop a few years
ago when it was new to find sound support - nobody really worked. Redhat
came close but wasn't quite right (some sound, still patchy). So I just
used Debian + a USB sound adapter until the onboard chip was supported.

It seems that a distro is like a cozy pair of shoes. You get familiar
and it gets comfortable e.g. this is where the CUPS, sshd, whatever
files are. Differences are slight across distros and one could easily
'find' whatever quickly, but the maintenance and organization is
familiar making the use of a familiar distro reinforcing.

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