[SATLUG] Are you a distro hopper?

Rabie Khabouze rabie at rabie.net
Mon Nov 11 09:52:21 CST 2013

I can't call myself a hopper but an explorer, I started with redhat as a desktop in early 2000 then I met Debian, it was different. Since I went to university in Germany Open Suse were big deal, so I used them for quiet a while, and non linux such as Aix, SGI, Solaris, Free/open BSD.
I loaded many other distros (Arch, Mandrak/Mandriva, Ubuntu and such) on vmware/virtualbox just to learn their architecture, packaging system, security etc.
Now im using Fedora as desktop, Centos as server and ubuntu studio as media center at home,and at work, I m running Windows ( for compatibility testing ) ,Fedora on top of it. And bunch of CentOS VMs.
One legacy slackware is still running for almost a decade.

Bottom line I like Fedora as my main distro and I ll keep exploring the others.

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Are you a distro hopper? Why, or, why not?

I am a distro hopper?  Not sure if I am looking for something that this or that distro doesn't give me.  I installed arch this weekend.  While doing the install I noticed, in a forum, people saying that many distro hoppers find arch and stop hopping..?  So, now I'm curious what drives you switch distro's? Or, are you happy with what you've got?--
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