[SATLUG] Switching distros - what settings/files to back up

Marek Garst mgarst60 at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 2 12:52:02 CDT 2013

If sound and wifi work using the live usb, it would seem you should be compatible with the hardware. I would test that first. Alternatives could be to set up for dual boot, or, if you want to be really careful, replace the hard drive with another ( if accessible) and install the new system on it.

Thanks, Mark

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From: Chris Hudson
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Subject: [SATLUG] Switching distros - what settings/files to back up

I have a netbook (HP Mini) that is a couple of years old, it came with HP's
version of Ubuntu.
It's a good netbook and everything works (sound, wifi, etc), but I am tired
of how evil Ubuntu has become and want to switch to straight Debian.  I
have a USB key with Debian live/install image on it.

Before I proceed, what system files would I back up before re-installing to
make sure sound and wifi work after I switch over to Debian?

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