[SATLUG] Switching distros - what settings/files to back up

dikov dikov dikov1 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 2 17:27:31 CDT 2013

First, I would check (with Google) whether somebody has installed the version of Debian you have on exactly this model of your HP. This may save lots of your time especially with extra buttons 
Second, write down list of drivers and versions are in use for sound and wifi and also versions of sound server (alsa/pulse audio) that work fine with Ubuntu.
Third, gzip  /etc.


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Subject: [SATLUG] Switching distros - what settings/files to back up

I have a netbook (HP Mini) that is a couple of years old, it came with HP's
version of Ubuntu.
It's a good netbook and everything works (sound, wifi, etc), but I am tired
of how evil Ubuntu has become and want to switch to straight Debian.  I
have a USB key with Debian live/install image on it.

Before I proceed, what system files would I back up before re-installing to
make sure sound and wifi work after I switch over to Debian?

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