[SATLUG] Affordable Healthcare websites

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Mon Oct 7 12:28:34 CDT 2013

Matthew wrote:

> Either your programmers wrote a good website that can handle the load,
> or they didn't.  In this case, it sounds like they didn't.  I'm sure
> they spent the last week frantically trying to identify the problems and
> the last weekend frantically trying to fix them, and I doubt what OS
> they were running was anywhere close to the top 10 in their list of
> problems.

I don't think we should throw stones at the devs.  Doing a website like 
this is hugely complex.  From what I can tell, the thought was to 
register 10M users over 3 months.  What they got was 5M attempts in one 
day.  The only ones that have that kind of traffic are Google, Yahoo, 
Amazon, and a few others.  And we don't know what their first day issues 
were.  If you plan for 1M/day peak and get 5M, things will go wrong.

Like any large project, the bumps will be ironed out.  Judging the long 
term prospects by the first week is typical, but wrong.  Some of us 
remember the rocket failures in the 50s as well as the moon landings and 
Mars Curiosity.

   -- Bruce

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