[SATLUG] Affordable Healthcare websites

Alan Lesmerises alesmerises at satx.rr.com
Mon Oct 7 20:39:16 CDT 2013

On 10/7/2013 1:01 PM, Matthew wrote:
> On 10/07/2013 12:28 PM, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
>> I don't think we should throw stones at the devs.  Doing a website
>> like this is hugely complex.  From what I can tell, the thought was to
>> register 10M users over 3 months.  What they got was 5M attempts in
>> one day.  The only ones that have that kind of traffic are Google,
>> Yahoo, Amazon, and a few others.  And we don't know what their first
>> day issues were.  If you plan for 1M/day peak and get 5M, things will
>> go wrong.
> No argument there.  One of the half-formed thoughts that didn't make it
> into my message was, check back in a month or so.  They clearly weren't
> ready launch week, but that's not necessarily as big a deal as whether
> things are going smoothly in a month or two.  It IS an embarrassing
> launch, but you can recover from that.  If it's still having problems in
> a month or two, that's more serious.

Another thing that comes into play is the software testing protocols.  
Developers live with the code they've written for so long, it's easy to 
not see alternate ways the average person may do things, and those 
alternate ways don't get included in the test plan.  There is an actual 
Software Reliability testing strategy that is based on having an 
"average person" sit down and try to break the software by doing the 
non-intuitive stuff.  Having 5M people log onto the site in one day 
surely will include a lot of people that will do odd-ball stuff, 
especially if they're only minimally computer literate (a description I 
suspect would apply to a large portion of the people most interested in 
getting health insurance because they don't have it already).

Al Lesmerises

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