[SATLUG] RE:How to find and change "Bad UTF-8" file names

Daniel Villarreal youcanlinux at gmail.com
Wed Sep 25 12:21:35 CDT 2013

>>>Did you ever get this resolved?
> Thanks for asking. The short answer is no. A more complete explanation
> is that I'm not sure what's really in the filename on disc. It's
> obviously not proper UTF-8, but I don't know if it's some character
> that I could translate to proper UTF-8, or just some placeholding
> character that signifies that the original character could not be
> represented...

On Tue, 20 Aug 2013 11:59:10 -0500 Frank Huddleston <fhuddles at gmail.com> wrote:
>>... I have ripped many CDs, using crip, and it gets the song names from
>> some database in the cloud, GraceNote I think. Many of these were
>> Spanish-language names, and had special characters, like á, ñ, etc.
>> For whatever reason, many of these now show up as having file names
>> with "Bad UTF-8" (apparently there is good and bad UTF-8). In an ls
>> listing the offending character just looks like a question mark,
>> although I think that's just how it's displayed. I see the message
>> about 'Bad UTF-8' in the rox file browser. I can change the name, but
>> that's a laborious process.
>>   So: can anyone tell me how I could script this process, and find bad
>> file names like this and change them?

Using the latest version of crip, v3.9, dated Oct 8, 2007, using
LinuxMint 15, Amarok shows proper foreign language chars...
however, after running crip on a single song with French accents in
the song title, crip's final product .flac filename indicates the word
"réveiller" as "reveiller."

soundKonverter v1.9.80, from the stock repository, faithfully
reproduces the French track title name in the final .flac filename.
BTW, when inserting the CD-ROM into the computer, I was presented with
a choice of which CDDB entry to use, I just chose the first one.

hope that helps,

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