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Glenn Boswell gboswellsac at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 25 22:45:01 CDT 2013

In an effort to maybe get back into Linux on a laptop I just tried Fedora 19 KDE and Gnome and really dissappointed in the interface. Both were live 64 bit. In a class I teach that has Windows 7 and Fedora 13 (both in virtual settings) the students seem to like the Gnome GUI. The main emphasis in the class is command line but we use the GUI to show similarity between the two then use command line to build scripts and basic command line skills, nothing real heavy. DOing this I realized I haven't had a Linux Laptop since 2009 when I moved to OSX which has all the command line ability of Linux in a more friendly GUI environment (sounds like I'm getting old and lazy doesn't it). I have some student that I'd like to show a real Linux environment and picked Fedora 19, which may be not the best but has the RedHat linage for when they take the Unix 1 class where we use Ubuntu server and Centos Server. I kinda do not want to do the Ubuntu desktop with the fancy
 Unity interface as they will never see the heart of Linux (I may be way out of touch on this). Any recommendations as a distro to load on a Laptop ( i5 with 8G) that would be a good one to win over some converts, yet still be command line similar to RedHat. Damn I have been away from Linux a long time..... 

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