[SATLUG] Recent Distro

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Thu Sep 26 10:58:57 CDT 2013

Glenn Boswell wrote:
> In an effort to maybe get back into Linux on a laptop I just tried
> Fedora 19 KDE and Gnome and really dissappointed in the interface.
> Both were live 64 bit. In a class I teach that has Windows 7 and
> Fedora 13 (both in virtual settings) the students seem to like the
> Gnome GUI. The main emphasis in the class is command line but we use
> the GUI to show similarity between the two then use command line to
> build scripts and basic command line skills, nothing real heavy.
> DOing this I realized I haven't had a Linux Laptop since 2009 when I
> moved to OSX which has all the command line ability of Linux in a
> more friendly GUI environment (sounds like I'm getting old and lazy
> doesn't it). I have some student that I'd like to show a real Linux
> environment and picked Fedora 19, which may be not the best but has
> the RedHat linage for when they take the Unix 1 class where we use
> Ubuntu server and Centos Server. I kinda do not want to do the Ubuntu
> desktop with the fancy Unity interface as they will never see the
> heart of Linux (I may be way out of touch on this). Any
> recommendations as a distro to load on a Laptop ( i5 with 8G) that
> would be a good one to win over some converts, yet still be command
> line similar to RedHat. Damn I have been away from Linux a long
> time.....

I don't like the new Gnome interface either.  Try using
Fedora-Live-XFCE-x86_64-19-1.iso and use the xfce4 interface.  It's much 

You can probably also do a 'apt-get install xfce4' for an on-line update.

   -- Bruce

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