[SATLUG] The "Second Coming" of Java

Craig sargonemail at gmail.com
Thu Sep 26 22:01:45 CDT 2013

Boz, I guess this means that you're getting away from things like
? ;)

Arch linux is a pretty big step up from "Linux from Scratch".
Arch linux is command line / compile driven -- only get what you compile.
Alternatively, puppy linux runs is a full fledged linux distro for
limited resource computers.

Dtrace provides similar functionality at the OS level that javavm provides.
Alternatively, can always run linux in os browser and use javavm tools
to debug what's being run, aka
http://techie-buzz.com/foss/run-linux-in-your-browser.html -- can only
do xwindows remotely. ;)
At the very least, it's one way to do things in a gui, but only allow
command line stuff ;)


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