[SATLUG] Recent Distro

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Mon Sep 30 16:52:46 CDT 2013

Travis Flatt wrote:
> Another Mint fan, here.   I've had a lot of luck with 64-bit Cinnamon
> desktop versions.   Probably a chunkier gui than necessary, but great for
> transitions from Windows world, and of course you can always fire up a
> terminal and do what you need to do.
> On the other end, I also recently revitalized an old laptop for my kid with
> Xubuntu.  Lightweight, and he hasn't had a single problem with it.

Any distro will work.  Just install and use xfce.  Gnome and KDE have 
gone way overboard with unneeded junk.  They still have decent apps, but 
the WM is cumbersome.

   -- Bruce

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