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>I was a distro-hopper until someone pointed me to fedora,  my favorite
>thing about it is the package manager (yum.  Three perfect little letters;
>though it could have an easier orphaned package tool)  then I read an
>article called "The Black Underbelly of Windows Blue"  now fedora is my
>daily driver on my laptop (which I use to administer the Windows domain at
>work,  haha, I win again!)  Anyway, my vote goes to fedora; and you should
>look up that article.  Then maybe I won't be the only one who covers my

>phone, tablet, and laptop cameras with electrical tape! 

>Freedom is not Free, let us not Forget!

Joe tell me why you cover your phone, tablet, and laptop with electrical tape? 

BTW thanks for the reference to "The Black Underbelly of Windows Blue". I've been complacent with OSX, kinda like Linux (BSD is from Unix Tree) but it never needs hours of rebuild like my old Red Hat 5.0 - Fedora  11 needed after every upgrade, and you know I loved it ..... :-O


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We make a LIFE by what we GIVE."Sir Winston Churchill

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