[SATLUG] Transitioning from Windows XP ...

Joe null.div.zero at gmail.com
Tue Apr 1 12:17:08 CDT 2014

Google (or start page ;)) "facial emotional marketing"  see here for a

The collection of marketing data is happening at the expense of privacy.
And, the use of that data is minimally, if at all, watched/regulated
(because of, what I believe, a false sense of security due to the supposed
obfuscation of our private identities and misplaced trust the government
will protect that data).  The solution:  prevent as much of that data being
collected as you can, I.e.  tape your cameras.  Don't stop there though.
Turn your cell phone off if you don't need it, change you email address
regularly,  and lock down your browsers.  I know you can't stop
everything;  and I'm using a Gmail account, but, I just want THEM to know
I'm serious about.  And, they do read these emails.

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