[SATLUG] Tandy 128K Color Computer 3

Richard Lorbieski rlorbieski at gmail.com
Sun Apr 27 21:16:03 CDT 2014

Does it include the expansion pack, floppy drives, or a monitor? I know someone who might have a composite monitor.

I have two young nephews (8 and 11 yrs) who are into vintage computers. They may like to have it.

If I didn't have other projects on my plate, I would love to tinker with it myself.

I had a CoCo3 with a 3Mhz overclocked Hitachi 6809E CPU, 2 megs of RAM, and a 130M HD.

I built a turbo light indicator (had it published in Rainbow Magazine), ran OS-9 level2, wrote a YMODEM module for one of the terminal programs, and  had a UseNet newsfeed from TAMU (via UUCP).

It was an awesome pre-Linux machine.

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I am at my Dad's house and he has the COCO 3 he  wants to get rid of.  Anyone intrested I will bring it back to SA with me mid month. 


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