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Borries Demeler demeler at biochem.uthscsa.edu
Mon Dec 1 06:22:40 CST 2014

Nicely explained, thanks Bruce!


On Sun, Nov 30, 2014 at 11:32:50PM -0600, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> Alan Lesmerises wrote:
> >On 11/30/2014 1:19 PM, Don Davis wrote:
> >>Yep. It's an important move. As a mere mortal, I'm concerned about the
> >>monolithic nature of systemd and other monolithic snowballing. I
> >>probably won't switch to Devuan until the summer, which will give me
> >>a.) time to tweak and b.) and opportunity to see whether the fork is
> >>being updated. On 11/30/2014 01:10 PM, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> >>>Did anyone else see this? https://devuan.org/ What do you think? --
> >>>Bruce
> >
> >For us mere mortals (i.e., those of us that don't get into the weedsof
> >Linux), exactly what is "systemd"and what does it do?Ans what do you
> >mean by it being "monolithic"?
> sysvinit is the traditional process that boots the system.  The file
> name is /sbin/init and normally works by calling bash scripts.  From
> a maintenance point of view, it consists of about 10,000 lines of C
> code and the scripts on some distros run to another 10,000 lines.
> systemd consists of about 275,000 lines of code and includes the
> folowiong services.
>     cgroups support
>     consoled
>     hostnamed
>     journald
>     localed
>     logind
>     machined
>     networkd
>     resolved
>     shutdownd
>     timedated
>     timesyncd
>     udevd
>     libudev
> The problem is that you must install all of them, even if you don't
> want or need them.  That is why it is called monolithic.
> It has also influenced systems like Gnome that you can't run them
> without systemd, even though all those services can easily be
> provided by other individual programs.
> If there is problem at boot time, systemd can be hard to debug.
> It's complex.  With sysv, you just add init=/bin/bash to the kernel
> command line and run the scripts one at a time.
> systemd is a solution looking for a problem.
>   -- Bruce
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