[SATLUG] Check if stdin is empty when using socat

rabie at rabie.net rabie at rabie.net
Thu Dec 4 13:02:07 CST 2014


Sure I was getting the error, I switched it to rv=$? and the error went

first time seeing while then ? 

I have even tried " while [ !EOF ] " it did not detect and end of file
from the other server. 


On 2014-12-04 09:46, Paul wrote: 

> Another problem is that your while loop should read
> while [ <cond>]; do
> rather than
> while [ <cond>]; then
> You should be getting error messages.
> Yet another is that you're setting $rtval to 0 then checking to see if
> it's not 0 before entering the loop. You'll never exectute the code in
> the loop that way.
> -Paul
> On 12/04/2014 10:05 AM, rabie at rabie.netwrote:
> correction : $rv should read $rtval On 2014-12-04 08:06, Rabie Khabouze wrote: kHello, I m using socat to transfer file from one server to another. I have the following command running in the background on one of the servers socat tcp-l:8989,reuseaddr,fork exec:/opt/scripts/printdoc.sh and in printdoc.sh I have the following code : #!/bin/bash now=$date +"%Y%m%d-%H-%s") filename="spdoc.$now.txt" rtval=0 while [ $rtval != 0 ]; then cat - >> /opt/scripts/docs/$filename $rv=$? done Do something else down here .. Now when I cat a file from the other server, my script triggers but it never goes outside the while loop, somehow it is not reading the exit code $? it should be grater than 0 any thoughts ? Thanks Rabie


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