[SATLUG] simultaneously burning multiple DVDs

Craig sargonemail at gmail.com
Mon Dec 29 23:45:18 CST 2014

> Borries Demeler on Fri Dec 26 12:14:44 CST 2014 wrote:
> Recently a question has come up for which I do not have a good answer -
> does anyone have a good explanation for this:
> If one has multiple DVD writers installed and wants to make multiple
> copies of the same iso file by simultaneously writing them to all
> installed DVD writers, such an operation produces faulty drives.
> Furthermore, K3B does not allow writing to multiple drives - there must
> be a reason for that.
Might be possible under a real time linux kernel.  This doesn't get around the
the issues of programs like K3B not allowing writing to multiple drives at once.

*> Othniel Graichen on Mon Dec 29 22:38:41 CST 2014 wrote:
*> The linux cdwriting app is not written/designed to be run in parallel.  It
*> is designed to compensate for the small buffers on many early drives.
*> Should the write buffer be depleted while another task is trying to fill the
*> wrong buffer you have what is called a buffer underrun error.

So, what's really needed is a "DVD hardware farm".
a) Get required number of DVD burners.
b) Attach each DVD burner to it's own raspberry pi (or other suitable
low cost device)
c) hook up the pi's in part b to local internet allowing communication
with "master DVD burner" server.
d) tell "master dvd burner server" what to burn
Note:  The master DVD burner server just pushes out the image to burn
to each of the raspberry pi's & kicks off the standard dvd burn
software on each pi.
--Select how many/which pi's to use to burn a given image
--Report which pi's available/have burn ready dvd in drive/need new dvd
--Report % complete status for each of the pi's ?

Other than writing the "master dvd server" program, should work with
standard off the shelf components.


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