[SATLUG] simultaneously burning multiple DVDs

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Tue Dec 30 00:00:59 CST 2014

On Dec 28, 2014, at 2:58 PM, Borries Demeler <demeler at biochem.uthscsa.edu> wrote:

> When I said "such an operation produces faulty drives" I meant to say
> faulty DVDs. Those faulty DVDs were created by running multiple instances
> of cdrecord, a commandline tool.  All works well when running one copy,
> but more than one simultaneous burn operation causes the bad DVDs (audio
> skips, for example). The problem gets worse the higher the number of
> simultaneous write operations, even when the source iso file is on a
> ramdrive. Just curious where the bottleneck is and what to do about it.

I would not be at all surprised if the limitation is in the driver for the DVD-writer.  Those things were written for use in the days when you were lucky to have a single DVD-writer device available, and are most likely not re-entrant and capable of any kind of multi-processing.

Trying to do more than one thing at a time is probably blowing the mind of the poor little beast.

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