[SATLUG] simultaneously burning multiple DVDs

Craig sargonemail at gmail.com
Tue Dec 30 00:03:36 CST 2014

Ignoring potential bandwidth issues (latency/available to use), could
try something
like ndb ( http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/119364/how-can-i-mount-a-block-device-from-one-computer-to-another-via-the-network-as-a
to create a "master DVD server".  Just need a command line dvd burner
program && script to start a "burn" instance for each device.


On 12/29/14, Craig <sargonemail at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Borries Demeler on Fri Dec 26 12:14:44 CST 2014 wrote:
>> Recently a question has come up for which I do not have a good answer -
>> does anyone have a good explanation for this:
>> If one has multiple DVD writers installed and wants to make multiple
>> copies of the same iso file by simultaneously writing them to all
>> installed DVD writers, such an operation produces faulty drives.
>> Furthermore, K3B does not allow writing to multiple drives - there must
>> be a reason for that.
> ....
> Might be possible under a real time linux kernel.  This doesn't get around
> the
> the issues of programs like K3B not allowing writing to multiple drives at
> once.
> *> Othniel Graichen on Mon Dec 29 22:38:41 CST 2014 wrote:
> *> The linux cdwriting app is not written/designed to be run in parallel.
> It
> *> is designed to compensate for the small buffers on many early drives.
> *> Should the write buffer be depleted while another task is trying to fill
> the
> *> wrong buffer you have what is called a buffer underrun error.
> So, what's really needed is a "DVD hardware farm".
> a) Get required number of DVD burners.
> b) Attach each DVD burner to it's own raspberry pi (or other suitable
> low cost device)
> c) hook up the pi's in part b to local internet allowing communication
> with "master DVD burner" server.
> d) tell "master dvd burner server" what to burn
> Note:  The master DVD burner server just pushes out the image to burn
> to each of the raspberry pi's & kicks off the standard dvd burn
> software on each pi.
> Ideas:
> --Select how many/which pi's to use to burn a given image
> --Report which pi's available/have burn ready dvd in drive/need new dvd
> --Report % complete status for each of the pi's ?
> Other than writing the "master dvd server" program, should work with
> standard off the shelf components.
> Craig

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