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Frank Huddleston fhuddles at gmail.com
Sat Jan 4 12:47:16 CST 2014


  I have a few thoughts about the topics we discussed at the Christmas
meeting. Here they are:

- It was mentioned that many employees of Rackspace, who are excellent
candidates for SATLUG participation, are simply not aware that SATLUG
exists or meets right in their place of work. It was suggested that
some effort be made to have this information made more available, and
I think this is a good idea.
  It was also expressed that many of the potentially most excellent
candidates for SATLUG might not like the venue of the florescently-lit
classroom, but would prefer something like a beer hall. While this
would have the disadvantage of not providing good facilities for
making demonstrations and there might be distractions from flying
glass, noise or attractive clientele and servers, I think that this
idea should be given some consideration. After all, not every meeting
has a presentation requiring an overhead projection, and we haven't
even had much luck when we have tried using it.
  So maybe once in a while we could have a meeting, maybe even an
off-schedule meeting, at a beer hall, or similar. You know, for
gemuetlichkeit and atmosphere and all that.
- The issue of the paucity of presentations came up, and is a problem.
One suggestion I could make here is: maybe be a little more structured
in how these are submitted and scheduled. Is that the SATLUG
secretary's job? (I'm the Secretary) Maybe. In any case, I think some
prospective presentations have simply fallen through the cracks
because there wasn't any follow-through. The presenter mentioned that
he could do it, in the mailing list, but something else got scheduled
first, and then we never heard about that presentation again. Perhaps
if we had some kind of docket of upcoming presentations and could
schedule them, or at least "pencil them in"?
- I think that, if possible, material from a presentation should be
made available from the SATLUG web site, so that we can review that
material at a later time, and that prospective participants in SATLUG
can see what goes on in the meetings.
Posting these would be a good reference, and would advertise the
group. We've done some of this in the past, but I think we should be
more consistent about it. Is this the Secretary's job?
- I think part of the problem with doing a presentation is that many
of us have worked on things and have some rather incomplete knowledge
of them, and do not feel that we are enough of an "expert" to do a
presentation. Perhaps we could find a way to address this problem, and
have something like a session of "things I'm working on" where one
talks about, well, things one is working on and about which one has
some experience, but is perhaps stopped or stumped or stymied.  I
realize: there's nothing to stop someone from bringing that up in a
meeting anyway, except the imagined (or real?) withering disdain of
his peers and superiors and possible career destruction. Perhaps we
could do something to reduce this anxiety. Beer might help.
- And finally, this one is a little out there, but: is "Linux User's
Group" really the correct name for this group? Might it not be more
accurate to call it "Open Systems User's Group"? (OSUG)
  But whatever: it's just a thought.


Frank Huddleston

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