[SATLUG] Re: A challenge for all seasoned experts :-)

Craig sargonemail at gmail.com
Tue Jan 28 18:49:38 CST 2014

> Thanks for all the ideas, Craig! I was already thinking about building my own
> to keep mem small. I looked high and low for memory for this box, but no luck,
> I have buckets full of old RAM sticks, but nothing fits. It's one of those
> old ones that need to be installed in pairs, the sticks are shorter than
> all other makes.
> -b.

I think I might have access to an old sun ipx maxxed to 32MB --
assuming it can be found & the ram hasnt been raided.
If I remember right, ram sticks were the same as the 486 memory sticks.
If so, then one could pull the 6mb tiny core distro directly into
memory over pxe via grub and still have a functional xwindows.
Obviously, not the fasted way to boot a machine.


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