[SATLUG] problem with computer not accepting password

Borries Demeler demeler at biochem.uthscsa.edu
Sat Jul 19 16:11:51 CDT 2014

Hi Cheryl,

This could be related to corruption in your window manager initialization file.
One way to "solve" this problem is to move the current initialization folder
out of the way and move it to a backup position, then the window manager will
create a new default initialization for you the next time you log in. Just in
case this is not the problem, don't delete it, but move it to a save backup.
For example, if you use KDE, you might be able to restore access to this account
like this:

log in as another user, open an Xterm and sudo to your own username that is
currently blocked, for example

sudo su - cheryl (assuming 'cheryl' is your username)

then you could rename the ~/.kde folder:

mv ~/.kde ~/.kde-backup

then log out and try to log in again. If you can get in, there must be some problem
with your old .kde contents. If it is not the problem, repeat the procedure, but
moving the other way:

mv ~/.kde-backup ~/.kde

Other possibilities include a problem with diskspace or leftover files related to your
login session in /tmp. To remove those you could do this:

sudo su - cheryl
rm -rf /tmp/*

it will only delete temp files that are owned by cheryl (assuming you did
not have anything important stored in /tmp

Hope this helps you a bit further.

Regards, -Borries

On Sat, Jul 19, 2014 at 03:59:47PM -0500, Cheryl Holmes wrote:
> I am trying to log in to my Ubuntu under administrator but when I enter the
> password that I have had for years it keeps going black screen and popping
> back up with the same box asking for the password. Is there a command that
> will make it stop asking for a password. As of now the only way I can get
> on is to get on under guest which I can't have access to all my files.
> Thank You very much, Cheryl
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