[SATLUG] ssd problem

Don Wright satlug at wricomp.org
Sat Jun 21 21:26:15 CDT 2014

Howard Haradon wrote:
>Have you looked to see if Intel offers a HD test
>CD to check out your drive?

Good thought, Howard. Those of us who commune with older rotating
storage probably have a collection of such utilities from companies that
no longer exist, or don't make spinning rust any more. Intel not only
hasn't gone away, they sometimes admit to knowing about Linux.

Bruce Dubbs wrote:
>I started to do that, but ended up removing the drive.  I then 
>downloaded a utility from Intel and put it back in the system.  Without 
>changing anything, it works again.  I didn't have to run the Intel 
>utility.  It seams that just removing the power and then restarting got 
>an effective reset.  Curious.

I seem to recall some server farm operator blogging that the cables were
more critical to long-term reliability than the drives. I'm trying
Nippon Labs now, based on their recommendation. Perhaps your failure was
either from thermal cycling or lack of vibration to renew the gold-to-
gold contact. Letting the capacitors discharge for a bit could also
explain it, of course.  --Don

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