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Hello John,

Resurrected an old white box loaded Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

And yes, I have had those days where I think, I'm jinxed, we all have if truth be known.

Heck it took me awhile to find a hard-disk to work, as one Drive had RH 7.3 and the other had RH 8.

These boxes were build in 2003-2004 when I was taking Unix & Advanced Unix, now my-friend, but professor then, Boswell, (Bos), a greart individual and cares for his Student's.

Anyway I had forgot way back when I set the passwords to expire.
But quickly remembered upon booting up the three machines.

Jinxed (sp) yeah I know the feeling.  So I go through six hard disks, before I can find two I can use.

I have now stripped three white boxes of all drives to find two usable ones that well format.

Now, the next hurdle is comming up with memory, as these boxes suffice, for the older OS's, but not the newer distros.

So, I came up with 1 stick of DDR 1 PC-2100 512MB and 1 stick of DDR 1 PC-2100 256MB 3/4 Gig.

Ok, I just want a low end test bed to see how these OS's are going to look an feel.

I'll admit, I need-another 512MB are more, and that would be a little better.

I have a slew of PC-133 and 1 stick of PC-2100 DDR 1 256MB and 1 256 Kb Compaq Caché. So, if you know of anyone that would be intetested in trading please throw my-name out there, as i really need a little bit more memory to properly test these OS's to see how the OS performs, and if i am going to like the feel and ease of use.

On this box I am running Ubuntu only, but I will be attempting to install Linux Mint 16 Cinnamon to run alongside in a dual boot capacity, hopefully.

I told you, I would keep you up-to-date concerning how my installs are going. 

Now, if I may sir, can I ask you some questions:

1. Open Stacks-- are you trying to setup a cloud-service such as Ubuntu One are or shooting, for your own independent cloud? 

2. Do you mind sharing what it is you wishing to accomplish?

If so, John, I might be able to help you in the background and you'd be helping me by, bringing my-skill-set back to par.

John, I am a special needs teacher and I substitute mainly, to stay away from the politics, but technologhy is calling my-name once again, through Chromebook, Google Docs, Proxey Servers and an independent cloud service, because students files and work must be secure.

Understanding that XP Microsoft Windoze will soon have no support, the Linux communities throughout this country and some in the UK, seem to think that about 10% will convert to Linux Mint 16 Cinnamon, and Ubuntu Desktop.

The thought process is that the ChromeOS or the Client can serve as a Chromebook.

Therefore the reason for myself getting back into Linux, which I should of never got out of in the first-place. 

Ubuntu is already being installed on phones and it works. Open Source is going to become fastly the way to go for numberious reasons not just from an economical stand point.

In closing, hopefully, we can learn together regarding your open stack issues, but I am assuming your interest is from the cloud prospective. 

Please talk with Bos, and feel free to show him or forward him this email.

Good Luck!

Don Jones
A Student of Life & Life Long Learner

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I like, my iPhone better.

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ha...ever have a case where you swear you're jinxed?

"Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist." --
from the first link

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> Ok, found a step-by-step set of procedures :
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