[SATLUG] Linux everywhere

Daniel Villarreal youcanlinux at gmail.com
Mon Mar 10 19:08:20 CDT 2014

Whoa. that might be practically very secure, as who's going to wait
around that long for a command prompt, or
to do stuff... now hook it up to a 300 baud modem and we're talking geeky ;-)

As for OpenBSD, I would imagine lots of people and businesses use it.
I think this is the year of
the OpenBSD Desktop. I'll be doing another install now that I've freed
up a hard drive.

Daniel Villarreal

>> I'd like to see how many of these institutions are using OpenBSD.
>> http://youcanlinux.wordpress.com/my-thoughts-on-openbsd/
> I'd say more than are trying to run a current ubuntu distro on an 8bit
> microcontroller.
> http://dmitry.gr/index.php?r=05.Projects&proj=07.%20Linux%20on%208bit
> Although it does make running linux on a 386 seem blazingly fast!
> Craig

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