[SATLUG] Re: WiMAX Security and BSidesSATX 2014

Sean Awaldt sean at awaldt.com
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Thanks for posting that info, I meant to look it up today but lost track of

Staying on the note of security, I just wanted to remind everyone that the
registration and call for papers are both open for BSidesSATX 2014. Active
duty military and students are free, everyone else is just $10!



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> Hi all. My first post to this mailing list!
> Last night at the SAT LUG meeting, a discussion about OSes for portable
> device led to a discussion on WiMAX security weaknesses.
> I made a suggestion that they could use shared key crypto to combat the
> threat of MITM attacks, and it was one persons opinion that cryptographic
> security could not be employed at MAC layer.
> I did a Google search on "WiMAX security" and wanted to share what I found.
> It appears that WiMAX uses IEEE 802.16 wireless protocol, which is chock
> full of security mechanisms employing just about every symmetric,
> asymmetric and hashing algorithm known to man.
> This article addresses several known vulnerabilities at the data link
> layer, specifically the man-in-the-middle attack:
> http://www.cse.wustl.edu/~jain/cse571-09/ftp/wimax2/#sec3.2.4
> The recommendation made by some security analysis team was to employ
> Diffie-Hellman key exchange at the MAC layer to solve the problem.
> Where I work, we deploy thousands of devices that communicate back to a
> centralized server using both Zigbee and a PPP internet connection over a
> private tunnel using the G3 mobile network.
> Zigbee, IEEE 802.15, is another wireless communications protocol that uses
> asymmetric key crypto at the MAC layer.
> We add the key to the device when the firmware is burned in. So the key is
> tied to a MAC address, which is also burned into the device.
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