[SATLUG] retrobsd

Craig sargonemail at gmail.com
Tue May 6 09:29:09 CDT 2014

rlorbieski at gmail.com *in *"[SATLUG] This weeks meeting is Thursday" on Tue
May 6 03:43:41 CDT 2014 wrote:

> I'll try come to a meeting :-)... been meaning to to it for the last 2 years.
> I'm a FreeBSD (server) person, but I am interested in a trying out Ubuntu or Mint. I have a Dell laptop running Win8.1 and I completely, utterly, despise that OS.
Well, could always try recompiling RetroBSD for the laptop, perhaps as an
extension to the bootloader?
It'd free up quite a bit of the laptop resources!


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