[SATLUG] Audio Questions

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Wed May 14 18:31:56 CDT 2014

I have a new laptop and am a little confused by the audio setup.  Using 
lspci|grep Audio, I get:

00:03.0 Audio device   : Intel Corporation Xeon E3-1200 v3/4th Gen Core 
Processor HD Audio Controller

00:1b.0 Audio device   : Intel Corporation 8 Series/C220 Series Chipset 
High Definition Audio Ctrlr

lsmod gives:

Module                  Size  Used by
snd_hda_codec_conexant 36652  1
snd_hda_codec_hdmi     35060  1
snd_hda_codec_generic  49347  1 snd_hda_codec_conexant
snd_hda_intel          32556  0
snd_hda_codec          85908  4 snd_hda_codec_hdmi,
snd_pcsp                7918  0
snd_hwdep               5892  1 snd_hda_codec
snd_pcm                77130  4 snd_hda_codec_hdmi,
snd_timer              17830  1 snd_pcm

Looking at /proc/asound/cards:

  0 [pcsp           ]: PC-Speaker - pcsp
                       Internal PC-Speaker at port 0x61
  1 [HDMI           ]: HDA-Intel - HDA Intel HDMI
                       HDA Intel HDMI at 0xb2610000 irq 46
  2 [PCH            ]: HDA-Intel - HDA Intel PCH
                       HDA Intel PCH at 0xb2614000 irq 45

The system itself has built in speakers, a green sound output socket, 
and an hdmi port.

My problem is how to best set up audio.  When I run alasmixer, I get 
three sound "cards":

pcsp:  Master, Beep, and BaseFRQ.  It seems that Master and Beep can 
only be turned on or muted  an dBaseFreq can only be set to 18643 or 37286.

HDA Intel HDMI: S/PDIF S/PDIF1 S/PDIF2.  These only seem to be able to 
be turned on or off.

HDA Intel PCH (Conextant CX20751/2):  Master Headphone Speaker Mic Boot 
Beep, Auto-Mute Mod,
   Internal Mic.  These appear to be normal.

It seems that this third is the one I want, but what are the others?

In a standard desktop system, I would have to hook up speakers to an 
audio jack and I would generally only have one sound card, but how are 
these three systems used?  I especially interested in what the HDMI is 
used for -- just output to a TV?

   -- Bruce

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