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Tue May 20 11:45:38 CDT 2014


Other than Google, can someone recommend a reliable and fast browser for a frustratingly slow netbook? It is an AsusEee PC 1000HD.  I just recently acquired this
barely used pre-owned netbook. I previously had Linux Mint Release 9
Isadora on my old desktop. I now have Linux Mint 13 Maya. Comments concerning major (and not so major) changes I should expect to see between these two distributions would be helpful.

Also, I have read that
Linux has netbook specific OS remix versions for their distributions
which are supposed to run much faster than their full versions. Have
you found this to be the case? If so, please make a recommendation.
Tips for using netbooks
as opposed to desktops would also be helpful, as I have experienced some
odd behavior with the netbook keyboard.

Please respond soon.
Thank you.

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