[SATLUG] Security Issues

Christopher Lemire christopher.lemire at gmail.com
Mon May 26 19:56:48 CDT 2014

I don't promote or condone use of information for bad intent and purposes.
As a person who is interested in Software Development and Linux Systems
Administration, I've looked at ways people can use what somebody such as
myself could leave a hole in security either through mistake or just
programing without security in mind or knowledge of such attacks even

Again, I don't condone using this for bad intent, but this I'd like to make
people more aware of what they are doing that results in these.

Simply putting this into google can bring up quite a bit or even through
means of another search engine.


You will notice some backups of cookies used by cookie manager+ firefox



Feel free to notify these people of what they've made publicly available
through webcrawling bots google's yahoo's msn's etc. available as well as
it not being a good idea to put other bad security practices into place as
you like.

Christopher Lemire

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