[SATLUG] November Meeting, December Meeting, Close Down SATLUG?

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On Wed, 11/12/14, Bruce Dubbs <bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
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> The problem then would be topics and presenters.
Actually, I'd say it was the shift from "how do I use linux" to "where
can linux be used/what can be used with linux" is where SATLUG missed
the boat.
When SATLUG started out ~20 years ago, the internet was relatively a
"new" concept, so finding information on "how do I use linux" wasn't
as easy as it is now.
A lot of the early meetings revolved around talking about "how are you
using linux" && "what help do you need to keep going" --much of what
was discussed in the early years
is now "automated" -- when's the last time a linux distro required a
user to figure out the dot timing of the video screen in use.
Over the years the SATLUG discussions, shifted to "what apps are
available for me to do <fill in software requirements> under linux/how
do I do <software process>"
Online classes/courses/resources are a "mainstream" option that
provide more in-depth learning/discussion than would be possible at a
meeting / 2-3 day discussion.
As "open source" became "mainstream" and moved in the hardware
direction, the "linux os" stuff was old news even on new platforms.
Much of the approach that SATLUG took early on has been superseded by
"time" --  SATLUG hasn't really evolved to keep up.

> Perhaps Linux is getting to be too mainstream.
Linux the OS, yeah.  Apps/hardware for/using/running under linux, no.

A few examples of the above:
** "Using Linux OS to run <fill in latest hardware>" compared to
"I'm using linux so that various system on a chip boards can be
interchanged with my 3d printed pi-top hardware (pi-top.com) without
having to
any of my software."  see "Alternatives to raspberry pi"

** Using CUDA under linux in order to get 300 giggaflops out of a
credit card size board is hardly main stream.
Note: 300 gigaflops in the early 90's would have put the machine in
the top 10 fastest computers list.

**A 300 gigaflop diy linux laptop would certainly provide for a nice
discussion -- heavily hardware centric of course.
A 1-1024 node (http://elinux.org/Parallella) computing expansion of
the raspberry pi without using beowulf cluster
software might be more interesting, but still quite hardware centric.
Note: Each node is a 9 watt ~85gigaflop node! -- That's a terrabyte
laptop in 27watts!
The snarky 90's joke would have been "grate, with a 'terrabyte'
laptop, I can have an MSOS app/oss run in emulation at normal,
non-emulated speeds."."
Today, there are quite a few ways to run MSOS stuff under emulation at
"normal" speeds without requiring a "terrabyte" laptop.

So, without "mainstream/common" hardware, is a comparison of running a
linux beowulf cluster vs. a scalable linux terrabyte laptop going to

Little bit more than my $0.02 worth (or ~$1.00 if starting from SATLUG


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