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Glenn Boswell gboswellsac at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 15 10:50:00 CST 2014

Many years ago when CISCO no longer was the meeting place we started going to SAC for our meeting, but the parking was bad and several times the people needed to open the rooms forgot so RackSpace became to spot to meet. The problem at SAC and RackSpace was always the agenda. With such a diverse group it was hard to get presenters. I'm retired so I cannot speak for SAC or the Alamo colleges but I know they still teach beginning and intermediate Linux at SAC and I believe SPC and NWV. You may could get one from one of those colleges to provide space and they all have projectors etc. for presentations. Steve Kolars at SAC has a plethora of linux boxes and almost a library of linux text books dating back to the beginning. 
Find a common focus on what SATLUG is about and stay focused. In the beginning Boris,Otheneil,Don .... and others were focusing on beginners, of which if you do not have you soon die of new members. My first SATLUG linux experience was a installfest for SAC students where there were so many volunteers there was better than 1 on 1 help. I found the linux was an excellent tool to teach the basis of OS since you had the source code and in some cases the pseudo code/flowcharts to explain how it worked. Others better than me took over the linux classes but the students still need that exposure that linux provides. Maybe creating some web based learning basic linux to support the ones in the classroom could open up a new focus. You would still be focusing on the basics and getting new members but also use the more advanced users to train on the LAMP concepts ... I do not know as I'm retired, but just seems like SATLUG had a great focus in the beginning just did not re-focus as we grew.  Lot of selfless time was given by a lot then later by a few Don, Nathan and Bruce.  Freedom is not Free, let us not Forget!

"We make a living by what we Get.
 We make a LIFE by what we GIVE."Sir Winston Churchill

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