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Gee Daniel that's sad I hope you guys can get a more fun venue to hold the meetings and get the spirit flowing again. I have always yearned to attend the meetings but living 3hrs away & handicapped I have never had the opportunity to do so.
I will sing in praise of this list because you have helped me out a great deal over the years. You personally Daniel not to mention others on our list have taught me Linux and set me free from MS clutches and I don't give them money any more.
Thanks to all of you who have bailed me out over the years. I am DLing the 3G .ISO for LinuxMCE to set up home automation & surveillance sys for my home space. this gonna be a fun project. I have a 3x5" board with 4 - 2amp relays that has GUI to MSwin that I hope to get to run on MCE.
On Wednesday, November 26, 2014 22:23, "Daniel Villarreal" <youcanlinux at gmail.com> said:

> I remember attending the computer club meetings in the area over the
> years ... People got together for fun and learning... The people that
> went and set up the desk at the computer shows was neat, The LAN
> parties with pizza and refreshments were very fun. Participating in
> the local college events was great. As I look over some of my pictures
> of the computer events, I think to myself that those were the days, we
> had fun and we learned computer stuff. It was fun going to meet
> friends and talk computers. I hope SATLUG doesn't go away, but if it
> does, I hope that it is fondly remembered.
> Sincerely,
> Daniel Villarreal
> http://www.youcanlinux.org/
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