[SATLUG] Devuan

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sun Nov 30 23:32:50 CST 2014

Alan Lesmerises wrote:
> On 11/30/2014 1:19 PM, Don Davis wrote:
>> Yep. It's an important move. As a mere mortal, I'm concerned about the
>> monolithic nature of systemd and other monolithic snowballing. I
>> probably won't switch to Devuan until the summer, which will give me
>> a.) time to tweak and b.) and opportunity to see whether the fork is
>> being updated. On 11/30/2014 01:10 PM, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
>>> Did anyone else see this? https://devuan.org/ What do you think? --
>>> Bruce
> For us mere mortals (i.e., those of us that don't get into the weedsof
> Linux), exactly what is "systemd"and what does it do?Ans what do you
> mean by it being "monolithic"?

sysvinit is the traditional process that boots the system.  The file 
name is /sbin/init and normally works by calling bash scripts.  From a 
maintenance point of view, it consists of about 10,000 lines of C code 
and the scripts on some distros run to another 10,000 lines.

systemd consists of about 275,000 lines of code and includes the 
folowiong services.

     cgroups support

The problem is that you must install all of them, even if you don't want 
or need them.  That is why it is called monolithic.

It has also influenced systems like Gnome that you can't run them 
without systemd, even though all those services can easily be provided 
by other individual programs.

If there is problem at boot time, systemd can be hard to debug.  It's 
complex.  With sysv, you just add init=/bin/bash to the kernel command 
line and run the scripts one at a time.

systemd is a solution looking for a problem.

   -- Bruce

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