[SATLUG] LAMP Server Question #3

Alan Lesmerises alesmerises at satx.rr.com
Tue Oct 7 22:45:38 CDT 2014

I am working on a project that involves setting up a server for a 
customer where they will need to access a database on an on-going basis 
for various kinds of record-keeping, etc.  I have come to the conclusion 
that a LAMP server will be the best solution for them (I won't bore you 
with all the reasons why, but let's assume that is the way I will go).

This will be the first time I will undertake a project quite like this, 
so I have a few specific questions where I would like some opinions, 
especially the professionals out there who may have done jobs similar to 
this for paying customers.

Since the questions deal with different topics, I will send them out 
separately so as not to muddy the waters by mixing things together.

-->  QUESTION #3:

This server will be for the use of one particular organization and needs 
to be secured against outside parties from 'snooping' or worse.  What 
resources (web sites, etc.) would you recommend for setting-up and 
securing an Apache server in this situation?  Also, with all the 
different packages or "projects" sponsored by Apache, which ones should 
I make sure are included (and any configuration advice) when I install 


Al Lesmerises

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